Author: BB Church

BB Church is a pseudonym for two Minnesota sisters, one a physician, the other a communications specialist, who mesh their skills and interests in multi-genre writing. Both are abuse survivors and strong human rights advocates. Through monthly Montana Woman magazine articles and their blog at, they provide science-based health information and encouragement to empower women to overcome oppression and systemic injustices, as their characters of Loon Lake did in 1960.


In a serene Minnesota resort town in 1960, naïve sixteen-year-old Missy Young is raped by a prominent citizen who threatens death if she tells. Missy’s silence and her father’s rush to judgment send an innocent Indian classmate to prison. When Missy’s friend Darla drowns at a beach party, Missy suspects murder but says nothing. Distrust, fears and prejudice fracture town residents. A local resort owner and her sleuthing friends uncover sordid secrets that send shockwaves across Loon Lake.


By changing lip colors, a woman can change her appearance. By making new choices, she can change her life.

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