My love of nature, art and music was learned from my father and mother. My husband and family share this love. Several of our grandchildren are aspiring young artists and musicians. As a family, we enjoy riding snowmobiles across glistening snow, skiing downhill or cross-country, walking the beach or through the forest, boating across sun-kissed water, and participating in sports including: baseball, basketball, fishing, gymnastics, hockey, tennis and volleyball. We all love to travel to far-away places but also seek beauty right at home. My camera is my constant companion.

I took these photos from my front yard.

When I was a young girl I never tired of watching my dad, Gordon A. Church, paint landscapes on canvas.  Oil was his medium. He didn’t paint from photos.  This is Gordon’s final painting. He died in 1960.  

Gordon Church, Artist - Oil 1960

I didn’t inherit my father’s innate talent, but I do share his love of painting. I’ve dabbled in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pencil. I always paint from photos. When I was actively painting, some of my art was juried into shows and received 1st and 2nd best of show awards, but that was long ago.

Lady Slipper, Artist Bev

Artist del Norte’s 2010 – Best of  Garden Show Award

Abandoned, Artist Bev EricksonBlue Heron - acrylic on canvas

Abandoned Cabins                                            A Summer Visitor

Now, I serve on two local arts boards and after years of not painting, I have begun again. My tendency for perfection creates stress, so I recently took a watercolor class to learn how to loosen up and let the water and pigment work their magic. I have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun creating again.

Framed Watercolor


By changing lip colors, a woman can change her appearance. By making new choices, she can change her life.

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